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Coaching Services


Gold Level Package
  • $225 / month 
  • Daily training plan 
  • Unlimited communications (phone, text, and email)
  • Weekly mentorship and accountability
  • Detailed strength routines to prevent injury and improve power
  • Nutrition analysis and recommendations
  • Mental training on champion mindset
  • 50% discount on all KBP clinics
  • FREE 2-hour riding clinic with 6-month coaching commitment

So much more than a training plan, this coaching package is for the athlete looking to maximize their performance and results.  I will guide you step by step on how to train to your potential, recover like a pro, identify your opportunities, and KOM your goals. As I come to know you as an athlete and person, I will customize your bike, strength, and recovery workouts to perfectly complement your daily life. We will work together to create a system and rhythm that works for YOU, so you can avoid the pitfalls of overtraining and instead unlock your potential on and off the bike. 

Silver Level Package
  • $125 / month
  • Daily training plan, updated weekly
  • Up to four phone calls a month 
  • Access to Training Peaks
  • 20% discounts on all KBP clinics

This coaching package is perfect for someone who has an event coming up and wants an expert roadmap on how to thrive. I will make sure your log is dialed every week with clear instructions on how to take your performance to the next level. 

A la Carte

Cyclocross Skills Package: $400

Cyclocross is the lifeblood of racing in the PNW.  This 3-session skills package will help you cut off minutes in a sport where every second counts. Each 90-minute meet up will include evaluation, skills training, skills practice and homework. We will have fun. We will jump over things in style. We will shred the DH on skinny wheels. It will be awesome! 

3-Hour Skills Clinic: $200

I love this part of coaching because there are few things better than riding bikes! Let’s break down your riding into smaller pieces so we can improve your confidence and flow. Different disciplines have different needs, and I can help you find free speed in the corners, on the DH, and all the places in between.

Beginners: Don’t worry, when we meet I will evaluate your ability and safely progress you through new skills and features. No matter your ability, I am excited and honored to be a part of your cycling journey.

Phone consult: $50

Need an expert opinion on anything bike related? I’m only a phone call away. Phone consults cover everything from race strategy to general training questions to bike setup. A phone consult can be just the thing you need to relieve your mind and discover a missing piece in your training puzzle.

KBP in person: $100/hour

Have a unique need or coaching request? I’m happy to help! 

“Coach KBP is one of my mentors. Having him ride the lines with me before my race gave me an edge. I never felt rushed and his expertise helped me ride my best race. He is the kind of positive champion you want in your corner.” 

B. Gillespie, Cat 1 Masters Athlete

Let’s talk bikes.



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